Turntabl - A Sustainable Enterprise

We’re setting up Turntabl to make a difference in Ghana. It is our aim to develop a sustainable enterprise with a quality focus and a global outlook. We aim for Turntabl to provide all the employees, including ourselves, with a good wage. At the same time we want to make as much positive change as possible. Ultimately we intend to part with the company, giving it away so that its wealth creation can benefit Ghana to the fullest.

In the words of the song, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,’ but we still feel it is important to have a stated direction. Along the way things may change. Maybe another opportunity to improve the situation in another country will emerge. Maybe we will be called back to our families, or maybe the idea will prove to be non-viable.

Whatever happens we want to make this initial statement; to use it as a reminder of our original goals, and as something to measure ourselves against.

What is Turntabl as a business?

Turntabl will be a quality driven software consultancy company. We will operate and compete in the premium part of the software consultancy market. Our focus will be on hiring relatively small numbers of the best people. With more than 30 years combined experience at the quality end of the software market we believe we can teach our graduate recruits in Ghana how to function and excel in that arena.

Each year we will seek out the best people we can find in Ghana and employ them. We will train them to be excellent engineers. Those people will then be able to compete for work in the global market for technology engineering talent. We intend to form deep quality-based relationships with our customer organisations. We will rival the quality consulting organisations of the technology industry, not the cheaper ones. Our intention is to start with 20 engineers in 2019 and steadily increase our intake to more than 100 engineers each year.

Our hope is that by 2029 we will employ 1000 engineers in Ghana.

Treating our employees correctly

Our employees should expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Turntabl employees will receive an excellent remuneration package, with benefits including health insurance, emergency child care cover and other common employee assistance programmes. We will provide a world class training programme on entry to Turntabl. Spread over a number of months this will allow our staff to operate at the very high end of the technology industry. We will continue to make time for our staff to improve their skills with both formal and informal learning opportunities.

Turntabl will be a family friendly, equal opportunity employer. We will provide parental leave for women and men. We will make extra effort to seek out those people in disadvantaged groups, such as women and disabled people. We think that intelligence and capability lies everywhere. When we find intelligent people that other companies would not employ, both Turntabl and the employee will gain from that.

Within the company we will create an environment free of discrimination and fear, striving to make our work environment the most inclusive - not only in Ghana, but in the world. We will do this not only because it is the right thing, but because we think that it will make us more attractive to the best people.

Each year, as part of the compensation system of Turntabl, employees will receive shares in the company. Employees will act with pride and responsibility towards the company they part own.

How will Turntabl behave towards the outside world

We have already gained so much personally from the fantastic people of Ghana. We expect the business to be a rewarding personal experience for ourselves and for the other employees. As such we feel that all of us at Turntabl will always owe an obligation to the people of Ghana. What that means is that each of us have to find a way to give back to the country.

As a company we will make that part of our operation; our staff will seek out - and help to grow and nurture - the next generation of engineers from every part of Ghanian society. They will use company time and resources to help with the education of the next generation of Ghanians. Over time Turntabl will divert significant amounts of its revenue to charitable causes operating in Ghana and across the world.

We hope to attract staff that are inspired to use their own time and energy in similar endevours.

Turntabl will not seek to lower its tax bill. We expect the business model to be strong enough that it will not require any help to get off the ground and thrive. As such we will not be taking advantage of the government’s excellent Ghana Free Zones policy. This should leave more resources available to the government to encourage other businesses in the country.

Similarly we will not engage in corruption. We will not pay or take bribes to change our behaviour. Ghana has made huge strides towards ridding itself of corruption and we will do everything we can to help support that aim.

The relationship of the founders to Turntabl

We do not want people to read this and view Turntabl as an act of pure altruism. We also need to earn a living for our families, and Turntabl is a business. We expect Turntabl to provide us with a reasonable remuneration for our work - however, we do not expect to be able to sell out of Turntabl and become rich based on the efforts of others. When Turntabl does become viable we will expect to reclaim our startup costs, and be paid for the work we have done and continue to do.

When we stop working for Turntabl we will stop financially benefitting from it. Employees will already own a large part of the company, possibly all of it. Should any ownership remain with us we will transfer it to employees or to a trust that serves our social vision.