Turntabl - Internet Connectivity in Accra

As an IT services company, we’re absolutely dependent on an internet connection.

Internet connectivity in Ghana is not brilliant. Until recently, there were two major mobile providers:

Vodafone has good coverage around most of the south of the country, but was only 3G

MTN has great 4G coverage in Accra, but very poor coverage elsewhere.

Recently, MTN has marketed TurboNet, a 4G/WiFi Bridge supposedly delivering blazing-fast broadband with excellent uptime. We’ve been testing one of these around the country and so far the claims hold up.

In response, Vodafone has “upgraded” its network to 4G (read: they flipped a switch), so you can get LTE in Accra on Vodafone.

What we’re really looking for, though, is supplier diversity. Vodafone’s consumer network has suffered horrifying outages in Q1 2019, so it’s important we don’t depend on a single supplier.

The final option is digging the road up and getting fibre into the office. This would make for much greater capital outlay and would restrict potential office sites. Once we grow above 20 people it’s likely we’ll need to consider this option too.