Why work with turntabl?

Why Turntabl?

Turntabl is a technical partner that combines decades of Fortune 500 technology and training experience with a track record in Ghana. We provide highly motivated engineers managed by staff seasoned in western companies.

Engineers will become available in January 2020: now is a great time to start working with turntabl to create value for money technology sourcing for your company.

Ghana is emerging as a great place to do business

There is a compelling business case for Western companies to benefit from the opportunities that can currently be found in Ghana. It is a stable multi-party democracy which has seen successive peaceful transitions of power. Accra, the capital city, is safe and accessible, with modern internet and office facilities. Corruption is the lowest in the region – lower than some large European states.

Situated in West Africa close to the Greenwich meridian, Ghana spends half the year in the same time zone as the United Kingdom and the other half on Central European Time. Your turntabl colleagues can work closely and effectively with staff in London and the rest of Europe.

As the official language, English is spoken widely and fluently – higher education is conducted in English. Generally, levels of spoken English and comprehension are higher than other popular technology locations such as India, China and Mexico.

Turntabl’s unique blend of proven expertise from Western companies and local knowledge will deliver the cost and capability benefits of Ghana to your business on a sound ethical basis that we can all be proud to participate in. Read more about the ethical aspect of our work in Ghana here.

How Turntabl delivers the promise of Ghana to a business

Working alongside Global Code, we’ve already built a region-leading talent pipeline. We work hard to locate and recruit talented young people, and we provide them with mentoring, support, and volunteering and teaching opportunities in their university years.

We then invite select students to join turntabl and participate in our multi-month training programme. Using our many years of experience in graduate training for Fortune 500 companies we have carefully crafted a programme to meet the demands of modern IT.

The programme is challenging and invigorating for the students, bringing them to a high international standard. When companies engage with us we offer to tailor the training programme to meet their specific needs.

After long successful careers in technology in the West, many people look for a new and exciting challenge. Often those people want to do something that will make a social difference in the world. At Turntabl we offer people a chance to do that by managing our upcoming engineers in Ghana. Having teams managed by experienced professionals enables us to provide a high quality outcome for our clients.

Our first group will be ready to work in January 2020. By engaging with Turntabl now, your business can tailor low cost, high quality technology provision, at the same time knowing it is done on a sustainable ethical basis.

Provision at scale

We expect our annual staff intake to be able to more than double each year. With active recruitment yet to begin for 2020 we already have dozens of prospective employees. Our ability to scale means that we make a great partner for even the largest enterprises.

While Ghana is already a great place for businesses, the medium term opportunity is equally significant. Unlike competing economies in the same time zone in Europe, Ghana has a young population. Well over 50% of the population are under 25. With more than six times as many under-25s as popular outsourcing locations Hungary or the Czech republic, Ghana is growing 10 times faster than the EU.

This pool of youthful talent will provide engineers for years to come. Working with turntabl now enables you to get acquainted with the landscape in Ghana while reaping real benefits today.

To find out more please contact us at interest@turntabl.io. We will provide a dedicated person to work with you on a best in class technology sourcing solution.