Guest Post: Christiana


We’re just over halfway through our 9-week training program, so please enjoy this recap from Christiana:

During these past five weeks, the TLC program has been highly engaging and an awesome experience. This program bridges university education with real world projects. At university, it’s all about studying and taking exams but this training program has allowed me to apply what I learned. The comprehensive skills acquired through TLC so far has definitely provided me with the tools necessary as an up and coming Software Engineer.

The entire program structure has been completely different from my undergraduate experience. Within this short period, I have learnt technical skills, including programming languages like C++ and Java, Unix and SQL. In general, there has been a well balanced combination of lectures, presentations, lab sessions as well as working together in teams on interesting projects.

The course itself is intensive and has not been easy. Some concepts took time to digest, and there were times that I got stuck. However, I’ve learned that being stuck is okay because a lot of software engineering for me has been working to solve complex issues I don’t quite understand, with confidence I don’t quite feel. But you stay for the challenge.

Overall, this program has been about more about understanding the underlying principles of software engineering, learning how to approach problems programmatically and above all learning how to learn. Another aspect is learning to work well in teams through presentations as well as using the various technological tools like git and TravisCI for continuous integration to track SDLC of a project. It’s been a great learning curve exploring these tools with other team members whilst adopting an agile approach.

– Thanks Christiana!

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